Donations at Work

Friends of Blaine strives to support programs and projects that benefit all students of Blaine (kindergarten though 8th grade) and not just selected individuals or groups. In general, fund-raising efforts this school year will benefit programs the following school year.

Grants provided for for Blaine School for the 2015-2016 School Year :

  • New lockers for the middle school students – $50,000
  • Lunch recess supervision and engagement (We’ve Got Game) – $60,000
  • Printing of the Blaine Blast – $3,500
  • Arts programs including Dancing with Class, Forward Momentum and LookingGlass – final amounts pending
  • And More
Previous grants
  •  Language Stars Spanish Language Program
  •  Computer and A/V equipment
  •  Add-on technology for the classroom Promethean Board program
  •  New sports and fitness equipment for physical education and recess programs
  •  We Got Game for sports programming during recess
  • Instituto Cervantes Spanish Language Program: $75,000
  • Blaine Organic Garden (BOG): $1,500
  • Computer Equipment: $775
  • Instituto Cervantes Spanish Language Program Part I: $33,063.65 (Oct-Dec 2011)
  • Instituto Cervantes Spanish Language Program Part II: $40,936.35 (Jan. – April 2012)
  • Promethean Boards (7 new boards and 1 touchscreen board): $20,924.00
  • Afterschool Art Club program: $618.75
  • Afterschool FitCamp program: $950.00
  • Blaine Beautification Grant (painting): $600.00
  • Technology Grant (iPad apps): $300
  • Fund in Need – Art: $225.49



As with most organizations, a percentage of donations are used to pay administrative expenses such as event liability insurance, mandated not-for-profit federal and state filings, website upkeep, etc.

Remember that donations to Blaine are charitable, and many employers offer a matching gift program for such donations.   Ask your employer if they offer such a program!


Overview of Programs Funded Either Currently or in Past Years:

Spanish Program

Afterschool Art Club

Art Club is an after school program open to Blaine students in grades 4th – 8th. The club focused on furthering the visual art education at our Fine Arts Magnet elementary school.  The theme of the art production for 2011-2012 was “The Chicago Experience”. The curriculum and student art production focused on this theme, asking the students to explore their favorite things about Chicago. During this session, students learned about different art techniques while creating individual art pieces using a variety of mediums. Projects completed during this session included photographs, charcoal pencil and ink contour line drawings, oil pastel drawings, and tissue paper mixed-media pieces. Students were also introduced to Group Critiques, hanging an installation, and were taught to have intention from the initial picture to titling their final piece.

Afterschool FitCamp

The Chicago Athletic Clubs sponsored a FitCamp program targeted at K-2nd and 3rd-4th grade students focusing on cardio, strength movements, and flexibility.  Students participate in a variety of organized drills and exercises.

Instituto Cervantes

The objective of this program is to teach Spanish to students at Blaine Elementary, grades 1 through 8, to enhance and further develop all four skills in the language (reading, writing, understanding and speaking), as well as to impart knowledge about Spanish speaking countries.

Joffrey Ballet

The Joffrey Ballet’s Education & Community Engagement department is proud to partner with Blaine Elementary for the second year with a new arts residency program centered around two exciting exhibits at the Field Museum: RoboSUE and The Horse.  This eight-week arts integrated program fro Spring 2011 allows students from fourteen classrooms to combine their knowledge from the exhibits with the kinesthetic stimulation of movement.  This fun interactive dance residency will end with presentations by each classroom to showcase students’ learning and dance skills.

Lookingglass Theatre

Blaine and Lookingglass Theatre Company partner to provide in-school drama residencies for students in grades 5-8. This program connects to Blaine’s partnership with the Field Museum; throughout the eight-week residency, students work with a Lookingglass teaching artist to bring to life an exhibit they visited earlier in the school year. Through this unique partnership with Lookingglass, students learn how to work as an ensemble, while using their actor’s tools – body, mind, and voice – to bring stories to life.

Promethean Boards

Interactive whiteboards utilized for classroom learning.  Promethean’s roots began in education. Over the years we have grown into a leading education solutions provider, guiding and supporting forward-thinking institutions around the world in an effort to increase achievement among teachers and students alike.

Science on the Go!

In a partnership with the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Science on the Go! is a professional development program designed to help educators become more comfortable teaching science through inquiry-based, hands-on lessons and cooperative learning. Geared to grades K-8, the curricula are designed to spark enthusiasm for science. All science themes have been developed to meet the current Illinois Learning Standards for Science. The lesson activities are hands-on and integrated across the curricula with special attention on the Chicago Math and Science Initiative.

Science Teacher

A dedicated Science Teacher, Ms. Barrett, uses a separate science lab to provide focused science instruction for the students.

Wilson Reading Program

The Wilson Reading System is the flagship program of Wilson Language Training, which is based on Orton-Gillingham principles. The Wilson Reading System is a highly-structured remedial program that directly teaches the structure of the language to students who have been unable to learn with other teaching strategies, or who may require multisensory language instruction.